MiniWAVE is a top-loading, compact, axisymmetric Microwave Digestion System consisting of a Touch Screen Controller and up to 4 Digestion Modules connected via USB cables. Each Module is able to digest up to 6 samples simultaneously in 75 ml Quartz or 75 ml Teflon® vessels. Modules can be programmed and monitored using separate digestion methods or the same digestion method.

Easy to Load – Top loading cavity


Safety – Digestion Vessels are rated at 90 bar. Vent and Seal Safety Pressure Caps are rated at 34 bar.

Fast Cooling – Cool samples to 70 °C from 180 °C in as little as 5 minutes.

Increase Throughput – Connect up-to 4 MiniWAVE Modules to one controller.

Speed – Meets digestion time specifications for US EPA methods 3015, 3051 and 3052.

Innovative – An IR sensor measures the temperature of each sample independently in real time. Provides immediate feedback for software control of microwave energy delivered to the samples in the cavity.

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