MultiVIEW with AutoLOADER

MultiVIEW with AutoLOADER

The MultiVIEW platform is a microwave digestion system capable of automatically running up to 300 samples.  Its robust construction is ideal for use in a corrosive lab environment.  The system incorporates an easy-to-use rack capable of digesting up to 12 samples with up to 12 different methods simultaneously for maximum flexibility.

The system has an integrated 15 inch colour touch screen to ensure complete visibility of all operational parameters, tabbed for easy access and convenience. The intuitive interface allows users to observe, stop, and modify digestion parameters on the fly. Individual channels can be viewed in full screen with maximum detail and this interface shows a full digestion scan of temperature vs time for all 12 digestions in real time.


• Prepare your racks in under a minute

• Detailed reports are available for each digested sample

• Safety features for both the operator and instrument have been employed throughout


• 12 individual feedback circuits control magnetron power and temperature of each sample.

• 12 magnetrons (one for each sample in a rack) provide dedicated microwave energy.

• 12 side mounted temperature detectors operate independent of volume and sample type.



• View each sample profile on a 15’’ colour touch screen.

• View and save temperature and microwave power (PWM) curves in real-time.

• Modify digestion parameters (hold-time, temperature-time, and ramp-time) on the fly.



• Per vessel: Allow multiple methods in each rack.

• Per rack: Entire rack of the same sample type.

• On multiple racks: ideal for automation and high throughput (requires AutoLOADER).



• Installed parts are Teflon® coated to resist corrosive environments.

• Designed with a 13 gauge steel tunnel to protect user from exothermic reactions.

• Integrated, high speed, cooling fans exhaust fumes at 100 cfm.

• Pressure venting caps release pressure beyond 500 PSI (34 bar) to prevent vessel over pressurization.



• For larger labs, increase lab productivity and upgrade to MultiVIEW AutoLOADER.

• A patented, rotary carousel tower designed with a small footprint to save bench-top space.

• Load, stack, and process up-to 7 racks, of 1-12 samples, in a continuous cycle.

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