Navas TGA High Mass- High Throughput

Complimenting our range of Hitachi thermal analysis instruments, SciMed is also pleased to provide a high-throughput multi-sample TGA from Navas Instruments.

This instrument is specifically designed for applications in industries that require fast, consistent and reliable analysis of moisture, volatiles and ash content without the need for constant operator attention.

Typical areas of applications include:

• coal
• food
• plastics
• cement
• iron ore
• flour
• rubber
• fertiliser
• soil analysis
• biomass industries

• An internal balance prevents the need to remove samples for weighing.
• Up to 19 samples with automatic crucible cover placement and removal can be analysed in a single run.
• Automatic crucible cover placement and removal provides for better volatile matter analysis by reducing sample oxidation and eliminating the possibility of contamination.
• Up to 38 samples can be analysed in a single run with no covers (dual carousel).
• Increased operator safety: The risk of operator burns is reduced because the furnace does not have to be opened manually to place or remove covers or weigh samples.
• No waste of consumables and reduced consumption of resources.

• Temperature range: 50 ~ 1000 ºC ±1 ºC
• Sample size: 0.1 ~ 5 grams
• Standard deviation of 0.0002 grams
• Weight loss/gain range: 0 ~ 100 %

• Fast, consistent, reliable analysis
• Minimal operator attention

You can also visit the Navas Instruments website for more product details by clicking on their logo below:

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