Non-Stirred Metal Vessels

Parr Instrument Company offer laboratory scale pressure vessels without mechanical internal stirring. These autoclaves, (referred to as ‘general purpose vessels’), are provided in several convenient sizes and cover a wide temperature and pressure range (shown below) to allow the researcher’s specific application to be carried out.

Examples of the uses of these vessels are:

Simple organic chemistry pressurised reactions

Many organic chemists use our general purpose vessels for carrying out hydrogenations where they heat and stir the vessel on a conventional stirrer hotplate. This is a low cost way of undertaking simple synthetic pressurised reactions while keeping safely as the key concern.

Accelerated ageing testing

In the development of new materials and new components, manufacturers are required to prove that their product has a suitable service lifetime. To shorten the length of this time, the samples can be placed in a pressure vessel with the test liquid and heated up to the desired temperature. This is common practice in the following industries:

• Automotive and aero parts
• Sealing technologies (o-rings etc.)
• Oil industry – drilling fluid compatibility
• Asphalt industry: Saturated Ageing Tensile Stiffness (SATS) test which is a UK Highways Agency requirement.

High pressure and temperature oxidation

Currently, there is great interest in the use of Supercritical water as a media for the oxidation of biomass and waste materials. This process is carried out at high temperatures and pressures. Due to the highly corrosive nature of the media, vessels of very specific design and construction are required. Parr Instrument Company has been routinely supplying vessels for this application in sizes up to 20L.

Corrosion testing

A subsection of accelerated ageing testing is corrosion testing of materials. This usually involves the submersion of a material in a particular fluid (e.g. oil drilling fluid with corrosion inhibitor) and heated to a desired temperature. There may be the requirement for the addition of a gas such as CO2 or H2S which can comfortably be done in a pressure vessel. It may be highly desirable to include electrical pass through connections in the vessel to allow electrochemistry experiments to be performed allowing on-line monitoring of the process. Due to SciMed’s continuing partnership with Gamry Instruments, we are able to provide a single package solution to this.

Parr General Purpose Vessel Range

(Please note that the pressure and temperature ratings are based on vessels manufactured in 316SS and much more extreme conditions can be accommodated with the correct material of construction. Vessels at 42 bar at 900°C and 1000 bar at 200°C have been supplied in the past.)
















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