Parr Shaker Hydrogenators

An old favourite within the organic chemistry fraternity is the Parr Shaker Hydrogenator. This easy-to-use system allows the hydrogenation of material up to a pressure of 5 bar and with the option of heating up to 80°C. While the basic design has not changed since it was first commercialized by Parr in 1926, the design has been updated many times to improve its ease of use and remain in line with changing legislation.

The system is available in 2 models each with 2 volumes: -250/500 ml and 1000/2000 ml. Due to its simplicity of use, an experiment can be set up in less than 5 minutes and through the monitoring of the pressure, it is possible to determine when the chemical reaction is no longer proceeding, thus indicating the endpoint. As an option, the system can be heated to 80°C using the 4833EE temperature controller.

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