Pellet Presses and Dies

SciMed though Fluxana offer the widest range of robust and reliable hydraulic presses designed specifically for the XRF market. From 15 tonnes to 40 tonne automatic presses.

15T Vaneox:

  • Manual Operation
  • Up to 15t maximum pressure
  • Two lever positions
  • Stroke: 16mm
  • Entry-level model – ideal for benchtop ED-XRF

25T Manual Vaneox

  • Manual Operation
  • Up to 25t maximum pressure
  • Stroke: 16mm
  • Basic model – suitable for most XRF pressing applications

25T Electric Vaneox Press

  • Automatic Operation
  • Up to 25t maximum pressure
  • Stroke: 30mm
  • High throughput model – ideal for WD-XRF

40T Electric Vaneox Press

  • Automatic Operation
  • Up to 40t maximum pressure
  • Stroke: 60mm
  • Touch display and software
  • Programmable all-rounder for maximum convenience

Pressing Dies

Choose the correct die type for you pressed pellet needs. Choose for Pellet diameter, pellet type (free press, into a support cup or boreox backed using a filling tool).

Also check out the Fluxana range of accessories for pellet press.

Filling tool for boreox back samples where limited quantity is available

Pellet films aid in pressing polymers and preventing contamination of sample surface for the die metal. Also used to eliminate ned to clean die surface thus aiding throughput.

Al backing cups for support of pressed pellets

Support rings for use on popular automation XRF systems.

SciMed offer expert advice for all XRF users in choosing the most appropriate press for their applications. Contact SciMed to learn about which press is best for you in terms of throughput requirements, analytical requirements and cost

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