Reaction Calorimetry

Chemisens for Reaction Calorimetry and Process Analysis

Reaction calorimeters are tools for analysing chemical processes. The major output from experiments in a reaction calorimeter is the heat production rate, associated with the processes inside the reactor. The heat production curve is then the base for the calculations of a number of important parameters. The technique to measure and the way to calculate the heat production rate is of utmost importance for the reliability of all related calculations and considerations.

ChemiSens manufactures ‘True Heat Flow’ reaction calorimeters that are pre-calibrated, which means that each instrument presents the heat production rate directly online. The result is absolute; it is never influenced by any doubt from the operator as to how to interpret calibration pulses or how to estimate unknown baselines.

Chemisens reaction calorimeters are designed and built as complete Chemical Process Analysers (CPA) offering users some significant benefits:

• no calibration required
• on-line kinetics (up to 50 parameters logged every 2 seconds)
• measure ‘True Heat Flow’
• controlled dosing
• easy loading of solids (and powders)

The CPA range of calorimeters are ideal for studies involving:
• process optimisation adsorption kinetics
• crystallisation
• desorption
• dissolution of tablets
• heat of adsorption
• mass transfer investigations micellisation
• copolymerisation
• hydrogenation
• polymorphism wetting of solids
• biological processes
• CO2 absorption

A reaction calorimeter enables users to perform thermal and kinetic analysis of chemical processes in small scale equipment under realistic process conditions. Typically measured parameters include:

• heat flow
• temperature
• pH
• pressure
• stirring speed
• stirring power
• reactant profiles

The heart of each CPA system is a versatile reactor. The standard reactor can be operated from vacuum to 20 bar (290 psi) and -50°C to 200°C, with power resolution to 10 mW and double glass sidewalls so the reaction mixture can be directly observed. Reactor volume is 250 ml, with a usable (and continuously variable) volume from 10 to 180 ml. For high-pressure applications, an all-metal reactor is available which allows control to 100 bar (1450 psi) and 250°C, with a sealed magnetic stirrer drive to ensure leak-free operation.

Chemisens reaction calorimeters are designed and built as complete Chemical Process Analysers (CPA) offering users some significant benefits:

• accumulated reactants adiabatic temperature rise
• highest reaction temperature heat capacity
• required cooling power heat of reaction/thermal conversion profile
• enthalpy of reaction max heat rate
• adiabatic temp of the reaction batch thermal accumulation at the end of dosing

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