The Rigaku SimultiX 15 simultaneous wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer system has been widely used as an elemental analytical tool for process control in industries that require high throughput and precision, such as Fe Ore, Fe/Co/Ni alloys and cement.

Nearly 1,000 SimultiX systems have been delivered to customers around the world. Along with technological progress over these years, customer requirements have advanced and diversified as well. SimultiX 15 was developed to meet these changing needs. It offers significantly improved performance, functions, and usability. The compact and intelligent SimultiX 15 is a powerful analytical tool that demonstrates superior performance across many industrial sectors

Key Features

  • Tube above simultaneous wavelength dispersive (WDXRF)
  • up to 40 simultaneous channels
  • 3 or 4kW x-ray tube fitted standard with 30mm Be tube window for the best in class light element performance ( down to ( Be Berrylium)
  • Optics Above design eliminating sample contamination and need for complex dust removal systems and protective films. Gives Improved reliability, reduced maintenance costs.
  • Equipped with XRD channel, Simultix 15 can be performed the quantitative analysis by XRF and XRD.
  • Automation: Optional Sample Loading Unit provides belt-in feed from a third party sample preparation automation system.
  • High count-rate detectors as standard. Gas Proportional and Scintillation. Automatic cleaning for flow detectors reducing regular maintenance visits and down time.
  • Curved Crystals For best sensitivity and maximum count-rate. Enhances precision and/or detection limits
  • Closed circuit cooling heat exchanger. Separation of instrument cooling system from external chiller/cooling systems. Ensures correct water condition for tube cooling and reduces potential tube damage due to poor external chiller maintenance or failures. Enhances tube life.


Available for download:

Application 1: Analysis of natural and processed iron ores by pressed powder method

Application 2: Fe, Ni and Co Alloy Analysis

Application 3: Fe, Ni and Co alloy by FP Method

Application 4: Multiple elements in nickel sulfide ores by pressed powder method


Pre-Calibration Packages available

Mineral Pak: Set of CMR standards, validation standards and monitors for the pre-calibration of Major and Trace elements in rocks and minerals. Consists of Fused Beads and Pressed Pellets for calibration setup.

Cement Pak: Pressed Pellet pre-calibration with set of Monitor Standards as fused Beads.

Iron Slag Pak: Pressed Pellet pre-calibration with set of Monitor Standards as fused Beads.

Petro Pak: calibration for oils and lubricants

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