Saccharomat V

The Saccharomat V is a high performance sugar polarimeter using the unique principle of quartz wedge compensation to determine sucrose concentration. The instrument has high measurement stability over the measurement range and does not require re-calibration.

  • Energy saving LED light source
  • High compensation speed
  • Indication of the optical density
  • Automatic temperature compensation with appropriate polarimeter tubes
  • User-specific methods
  • LIMS compatible software
  • Up to 1000 scales freely programmable
  • Continuous measurement
  • 7”  touch screen


Measurement scale°Z International Sugar Scale
Measuring range-35 – 105°Z
Precision± 0,01°Z**
Sensitivityup to OD 5
Response timeapprox. 4 sec
Wavelengthone or two fixed
Measurement modecontinuous
Temperature measurementIf temperature sensor with appropriate tubes is used / T-Cell Peltier tubes
Temperature control samplewith appropriate tubes via external water bath/Peltier temperature controlled sample tubes
Temperature control rangedepends on the water bath / 18 – 40 °C
Resolutiondepends on the water bath / 0.01 °C
Precisiondepends on the water bath / ± 0.03 °C
Reproducibilitydepends on the water bath / 0.05 °C
Measuring tubesup to 200 mm length
Ambient temperature+10 – +40 °C
Light sourceLED
Display7” TFT touch screen, 800 x 480 pixel, 16 bit colours
OperationTouch screen, keyboard*, mouse*, bar code reader*, remote via PC*
Interfaces/communicationRS232 (1x), USB A (4x), USB B (1x), Ethernet (1x), analogue, W-LAN/LAN*
Power consumption230 V / 50 Hz – 33,8 W
230 V / 60 Hz – 33,2 W
Standard Models 
 Saccharomat V201 (587 or 882 nm)
Saccharomat V202 (587 and 882 nm)
Standards***International Pharmacopoea, ASTM, ICUMSA and others

* optional

** Precision refers to physical standard conditions

*** Specific standard depends on application and the country it is used in. Details on request.

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