Salt in Crude

Salt content is determined by measuring the conductivity of a solution of crude oil in a polar solvent when subjected to an alternating electrical current and is obtained by comparison of the resulting conductance to a calibration curve of known salt mixtures.

• Conforms to ASTM D3230 and IP 265 test specifications
• GOST certified
• Measures salt content, conductance, and temperature of crude oil samples, and pH measurements of aqueous samples.
• Measures salts concentration in the range of 0 to 150 PTB (lb/1000 bbl).
• Portable for field or laboratory testing with up to 8 hours of continuous operation from internal Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries.
• 18-bit analog-to-digital converter for high precision.
• 24Kb RAM dedicated for data storage (about 500 test results).
• Data can be uploaded in a comma delimited format to a PC with easy to use Windows® – based software via an RS232 serial data port.

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