SCIMED, in addition to the sale of instruments, and in association with our partners, are able to offer you a full range of process safety/thermal study contract testing.


This includes but is not limited to:

  • Thermal Screening Tests (e.g., DSC, TGA temperature/pressure screening)
  • Evolved Gas Analysis
  • Gas Sorption
  • TMA
  • Adiabatic tests (low and high phi)
  • Reaction Calorimetry
  • Dust Explosivity
  • Flammability


Please contact us whatever your test requirements to see how we can help.

To support this range of products and service SciMed employ a process safety specialist with over 30 years industrial experience, so for an informal, no obligation conversation or  for further information please click on the enquiries section of this site or see the contact details section.We look forward to working with you soon…..

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