Setaram Setsys Evolution TGA-DTA/DSC High Temperature (2400)

High-performance modular simultaneous TGA & DTA / DSC thermal analyser (ambient / 2400°C)


SETSYS Evolution is the standard for high performance TGA, TG-DSC and TG-DTA application.  It is based on a complete modular thermal analysis platform for
– TGA, DTA and DSC
– Simultaneous TGA/DTA and TGA/DSC
– Dilatometry / TMA
The key to the SETSYS TGA-DTA / DSC is Setaram’s unique symmetrical balance, a highly robust and flexible furnace configuration offering unique performance and the lowest operational costs of any system available.  The SETSYS can be configured to operate up to 2400°C and also use controlled humidity, vacuum and highly aggressive atmospheres.

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