Simple and robust DSC with an operating range of -170°C to 700°C and with an optional 59 position autosampler.

SETLINE – Unusually Simple, Surprisingly Powerful DSC


The SETLINE DSC is our most cost-effective DSC and can also be equipped with a 59 place autosampler should it be required. This makes it ideal for a range of applications in industry, QC, and education.

System Highlights

  • Ease of use and robust compact design
  • Range of crucible types
  • Economically priced instrument and sensor easily replaced.
  • Low running costs
  • Robust DSC sensor yielding, consistent and reliable data.
  • 59 position autosampler on DSC + version.
  • Temperature Range -170°C to 700°C


DSC used for quick thermal screening can help answer the following question:

Are the reactants thermally stable?

At what temperature reactants start to decompose?

How much heat is released during decomposition?

How fast the decomposition occurs?

 For Process Safety Thermal Screening Applications, it is important pressure tight crucibles are used and we can supply different types.

Stainless Steel (30µl) and gold plated (30µl) – Capable of withstanding 200 bar and 400°C.

Incoloy (30µl) with screw type seal. (Non-autosampler version only)- Capable of withstanding 500 bar and 600°C.

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