SPECORD PLUS Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Analytik Jena AG has now extended its latest generation of double-beam spectrophotometers by the new SPECORD® 50 PLUS. This new dual-beam UV/Vis photometer for the spectral range from 190 to 1100 nm combines high energy throughput with best stability. Quartz-coated, premium encapsulated optical components guarantee highest quality, maximum performance and extreme durability.

The SPECORD® PLUS series consists of the:

• SPECORD® 200 PLUS with fixed slit widths for time-resolved sample and reference measurements
• SPECORD® 210 PLUS with 5 different slit widths to measure samples requiring high optical resolution
• SPECORD® 250 PLUS with 5 different slit widths and double monochromator for samples producing stray light.

All of these feature:

• no warm-up: plug and play
• large, easily accessible sample compartment for quick change of samples and accessories
• internal holmium oxide filter for automatic wavelength calibration
• fast, easy lamp replacement
• alternative cell position in front of the detector to measure turbid samples
• pre-aligned, voltage stabilised radiation sources
• an unparalleled range of accessories for the automation of routine analyses as well as for special applications

The SPECORD® PLUS series can be used for applications in:

• chemistry
• pharmacy
• life science
• medicine
• food
• environmental analyses

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