Determines the concentration of the optical active substance dissolved in an optically inactive liquid.

The VariPol polarimeter is especially designed for pharmaceutical applications. The system is compact, includes peltier temperature control and is 21 CFR part 11 ready.

  • Especially designed for pharmaceutical applications
  • Peltier system for automatic temperature control
  • 21 CFR part 11 ready
  • Energy saving durable LED’s
  • Control via touchscreen, PC, tablet or Smartphone

Detailed specification for the Varipol are listed below

Measurement scales° Optical rotation, ° Specific rotation, °Z International Sugar Scale, % Concentration (g/mL, g/100mL, g/L), further scales freely definable
Measuring range± 89.9°
Resolution0.005° (Varipol C)
0.001° (Varipol B)
Precision± 0.01° * (VariPol C)
± 0.005° * (VariPol B)
Repeatability± 0.01° (VariPol C)
± 0.005° (VariPol B)
SensitivityUp to OD 3
Wavelength1 or 2 wavelengths fixed, standard 589 nm, also available 365, 405, 436, 546, 578
Measuring time6 to 8 sec. over the entire measuring range
Measuring tubesUp to 100 mm length; standard tubes, micro tubes, compact tubes Material: glass, stainless steel, Hastelloy
Temperature measurementPt1000 sensor (device) / NTC sensor (Quartz control plates and tubes)
Temperature range sample temperature10°C to 40°C
Temperature resolution / precision0.01°C / ± 0.1°C *
Peltier temp. regulation of the sample room18°C to 25°C (VariPol C)
10°C to 40°C (VariPol B)
Additional Information 
Light sourceLED, interference filter
DisplayNone, 5” or 7” Touchscreen, 800 x 480 Pixel
OperationTouchscreen**, Keyboard***, Mouse***, Barcode Reader***, Remote via PC/Tablet/Smartphone***
Interfaces / CommunicationEthernet 10/100/1000, RS232, SH connector, USB, WLAN**, Modbus**, Canbus**, Profibus**
ConformityInternational Pharmacopoeia, OIML, ICUMSA, Australian Standard K157
Dimensions430 x 300 x 160 mm (w x d x h, without display)
Standard ModelVariPol C
VariPol B

* Standard conditions

** Optional

*** Not included in delivery

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