Water Chiller by Van der Heijden

SciMed offers the full range of Van der Heijden cooling thermostats and flow coolers.


A compressor cools water or a solution of water with anti-freeze to the selected temperature in an internal buffer. This chilled water is then circulated via a pump through to the cooling equipment or setup.

The product catalogue from Van der Heijden contains 39 standard models of chillers with cooling capacities between 180 watt and 40 kW.

Available technologies

• Air-cooled
• Liquid cooling (with compressor) and air-cooled condenser (heat from chiller will go into the room)
• Liquid cooling (with compressor) and water-cooled condenser (no heat from chiller will go into the room)
• Modular coolers where the compressor and air-cooled condenser can be in a remote location (heat and noise from the chiller will be not in the location where cooling takes place)
• All cooler variations as circulating cooler without tank
• Water-water cooler – system separator without cooling aggregate
• Cooler as a rack insert in laboratory furnishing (G 9408595.1 and G9114652.6)
• Similar to Liquid cooling with compressor and water-cooled condensor, but using opposite principle (DE 4206020C1)
• Miniature cooler but with optional installed vaccum pump and regulator, especially for rotary evaporators

In addition to the comprehensive range of models, a wide range of options are available (PVC tubing, remote control, bypass options) and more. Customer solutions can also be provided.

You can also visit the Van der Heijden website for more product details by clicking on their logo below.

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