ZEEnit P Series – Zeeman background correction

The Analytik Jena ZEEnit series comprises the ZEEnit 650 P, a Zeeman AAS for graphite furnace and hydride techniques, and the ZEEnit 700 P, a compact tandem spectrometer for flame, hydride, HydrEA and graphite furnace techniques. Both instruments are designed to analyze liquid and solid samples in one single device.

Transverse-heated graphite furnace

  • Transverse-heated graphite furnace has, for a number of years, been successfully used in all Analytik Jena graphite furnace AAS systems. It guarantees uniform temperature conditions throughout the graphite tube and eliminates both memory and condensation effects that occur at the cooler tube ends of conventional, longitudinally heated graphite tubes
  • Sensorless adaptive temperature control (STC) completely monitors the graphite tube function. Any deviations in the condition of the graphite are corrected for and the temperature adjusted.
  • The full-colour camera (Furnace Vision Tool) monitors both the deposition of the samples and the drying phases.
    Full colour vision of the graphite furnace
    Full colour vision of the graphite furnace

Third-generation magnetic field technology

The variable magnetic field strength up to 1.0 Tesla and the use of two different correction modes guarantee maximum sensitivity and optimum matching to any analytical problem. Expansion of the linear working range by means of the 3 field technique, and a dynamic mode for automatic adaptation to varied element contents – the ZEEnit opens up unparalleled capabilities in Zeeman graphite furnace AAS.

  • The Zeeman magnetic field control for Zeeman background correction enables variable adjustment of the magnetic field strength up to one Tesla.
  • The 2-field /3-field and dynamic mode provide maximum sensitivity and an extended working range.
  • The systems are also equipped with a powerful deuterium background correction

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