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Explore Our Comprehensive Product Range

The full range of products from SciMed and our partners.

Calibration Standards

SciMed offers certified calibration standards for accurate measurement validation across a wide range of materials from waters, oils, fuels, soils, minerals and metals.

Chemical Analysis

SciMed offers a comprehensive chemical analysis tools for accurate identification and quantification of chemical substances in various samples.

Coating Thickness

Bowman XRF offer extensive XRF solutions for plating thickness, supported by a dedicated UK team with on site support.


Gamry's potentiostats and galvanostats deliver high performance and reliability, with expert support for a range of electrochemical applications.

Electron Microscopy

SciMed provides a comprehensive range of electron microscopy solutions, including high-performance SEMs, sample preparation and handling and surface improvement for EBSD and FIB.

Elemental Analysis

SciMed is a one stop shop for chemical elemental analysers, offering the complete range of solutions to meet specific analytical needs.

Environmental Analysers

Our environmental analysers offer precise testing for water, soil and waste, essential for regulatory compliance and real-world performance evaluation.

General Labware

SciMed supplies a wide range of labware, including water chillers, consumables, sample preparation kits, CO2 reagents, powder driers and water cooling systems.

Lab Scale Pressure Vessels

Parr Instrument's offer the most advanced range of lab-scale and pilot scale pressure vessels, renowned for over 100 years, customisable for research and small-scale manufacturing.

Materials Characterisation

SciMed provides extensive material characterisation techniques, essential for understanding the physical properties of solids, liquids, powders, and suspensions.

Oil Condition Monitoring

SciMed offers comprehensive oil condition monitoring solutions, vital for maintaining diverse machinery and vehicle fleets efficiently.

Petroleum Testing

SciMed offers an extensive array of ASTM compliant petroleum testing methods for quality control across all petroleum product categories.

Process Safety Solutions

SciMed is your dedicated source for process safety testing, offering advanced tests, software, and expert guidance for all safety needs.

Rheology and Viscometry

SciMed offers rheometers and viscometers for analysing pastes and suspensions, crucial for quality control and R&D in various industries.

Sample Preparation

SciMed offers an array of efficient and reliable sample preparation tools to enhance analytical accuracy for a broad range of scientific research and testing applications.

Supercritical CO2 Processes

SciMed offers leading supercritical CO2 solutions, from small to large scales, with exclusive components for diverse applications.

Thermal Methods and Analysis

SciMed provides the widest spectrum of thermal analysis equipment, suitable for education to advanced research, covering extensive temperature and pressure ranges.

Total organic Carbon – Nitrogen

SciMed provides comprehensive solutions for sum parameter analysis, including TOC/TNb and AOX/TOX, customisable to your lab's needs.

Ultrasonic Processing

SciMed offers versatile ultrasound technology, from lab-scale to industrial devices, for mixing, homogenising, and processing.

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