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SEMPrep 2 SC-2100

SEMPrep 2 Ion Beam Mill

Introducing SEMPrep 2 Ion Beam Mill, a state-of-the-art ion milling system for slope cutting, surface polishing, and EBSD sample preparation.

Product Overview

The SEMPrep 2 Ion Beam Mill by TECHNOORG LINDA is a cutting-edge ion milling system designed for high-quality  sample preparation. With unique features such as such as the dual low and high-energy guns and the pre-tilted slop-cutting sample holders. It offers unparalleled precision and efficiency. Ideal for SEM and EBSD users, this system provides slope cutting, damage-free surface polishing, and the highest energy range of sputtering.

Features & Benefits

SEMPrep 2 SC-2100

Integrated Computer 

Full access to Milling conditions, pre-loaded "recipes" and customisable programs are accessible from an easy-to-use touch screen interface.


Easy to use "load lock" sample chamber: Easy-to-use sample chamber with CCD camera view as well as simple "load lock" chamber design

Key applications

  • Dual low and high-energy guns: With an energy range from 100eV up 16KeV.
  • Slope Cutting and Damage-Free Surface Polishing: Offers a wide range of accessories. 
  • Unique Pre-Tilted Slope Cutting Sample Holders: Enhances accuracy and ease of use.
  • Liquid Nitrogen or Peltier Cooling Option: Provides flexibility in temperature control.
  • Fast and Motorised Sample Exchange: Increases efficiency and reduces handling errors.
  • Load-Lock System for SEMPrep: Ensures a controlled environment for sample preparation.

SEMPrep 2 Ion Beam Mill Product Video

About the SEMPrep 2 Ion Beam Mill

The SEMPrep 2 Ion Beam Mill is a novel ion milling system developed by TECHNOORG LINDA, a leader in the field. This system is purpose-built to meet the needs of SEM and EBSD users, offering a wide array of features that ensure high-quality sample preparation.

With its unique pre-tilted slope-cutting sample holders, the SEMPrep 2 Ion Beam Mill provides unmatched accuracy in slope cutting. The resulting damage-free surface is the result of both low-energy and ultra-high-energy range sputtering capabilities.

The system offers both liquid nitrogen or Peltier cooling options, allowing for precise temperature control during the preparation process. The fast and motorised sample exchange system, coupled with the load-lock ensures a seamless and controlled environment for sample handling.

The SEMPrep 2 Ion Beam Mill stands as a testament to TECHNOORG LINDA’s commitment to innovation and quality.

This system offers a comprehensive solution that exceeds industry expectations EBSD sample preparation and other applications requiring a perfect surface finish.

"Our advanced interface simplifies operation with automated,
customisable recipe-based sample preparation for all user levels"

Product FAQ's

The primary application is to create a perfect finish, better than any form of mechanical polishing, hence allowing the highest level imaging for Electron Microscopes. This is best applied when using EBSD detectors. 

Yes, it is specifically designed to cater to the needs of EBSD sample preparation.

It offers liquid nitrogen or Peltier cooling options.

The load lock system is an easy interface between the milling chamber and the outside environment. It allows for simple sample loading and can also be used when a samples needs storing in non-atmospheric conditions ( under a Nitrogen environment for example)

The SEMPrep2 Ion Beam Mill offers an extensive range of ionisation conditions with the combination of two ion guns. The low-energy gun delivers 100eV up to 2Kev while the high-energy gun delivers up to 16KeV


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