New RIGAKU Smartlab SE XRD X-Ray Diffraction

Rigaku and Scimed are delighted to announce the release of a new mid-range cost effective and highly versatile diffractometer The new Smartlab SE – Automated Multipurpose X-ray Diffractometer from Rigaku  including

3kW Sealed Tube with Bragg-Brentano, Parallel and Divergent Beam Optics. State-of-the-art High Speed Detectors.

  • Low Cost & Improved Performance
    • Employing a Semiconductor detector as standard component
      • 0D, 1D & 2-D detector are selectable
  • New Smartlab Studio II for measuring & data processing
    • Consolidate all data processing packages into one area
  • Automatic user guidance function for rapid instrument setup
  • Wide range of sample attachments to meet demanding applications
    • SAXS
    • USAXS
    • Micro-area
    • Capillary, Battery & Non-ambient attachments
  • Single or 3-phase power options