Seminar on techniques used in the Oil Refining and Power Generation Industries

SciMed are pleased to announce the forthcoming event in their series of industry focused seminars. On
Thursday 26th May 2016 we will hold a technical seminar on the analysis techniques used in the oil refining and
power generation industries. The series of talks will focus on the different solutions that SciMed have to offer.
To keep the content as informative as possible the focus will be on the techniques and what they can do for you
rather than on the instruments themselves.

10:00AM Start

Program will include:

  • Analysing Sulphur from crude to the finished product: comparing ED-XRF, WD-XRF and UVF-combustion methods. 
  • ICP-OES for metal analysis in fuel/energy streams 
  • XRF as a supplementary technique for energy & petro-chemical applications 
  • Applications of bomb calorimetry and thermal analysis 
  • Online process monitoring in refineries by NIR and XRF.
  • Oil conditioning monitoring – what oil can tell you about your equipment. 

Followed by  Discussions and demonstrations

For further information or to register, please click here or call us on (+44) 0161 442 9963