Automated Environmental Testing: Introducing the EasyPREP range from SCP SCIENCE

EasyPREP BOD Join us for an in-depth look at SCP SCIENCE’s EasyPREP Environmental Instruments used to automate your everyday chemistry lab analysis.

Thursday 17th of June 2021 at 14:00 until 15:00


The EasyPREP range provides environmental testing laboratories with the solutions required to comply with environmental legislation through automated, unattended analytical platforms.  Our range of chemical analysers include:  BOD, COD, pH, conductivity, alkalinity, and turbidity testing.

Environmental  monitoring is essential in ensuring a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Environmental laws play a vital role in controlling the use of natural resources and in protecting the environment. Numerous regulations have been implemented by the Environmental Agency and other devolved agencies in order to reinforce practices that will maintain a healthy environment.

This presentation will include a LIVE demonstration of the:
  • EasyPREP BOD300, for cBOD and BOD measurement using polyseed or raw sewage.
  • EasyPREP COD200 for the automated digestion and absorbance measurement of closed vessel dichromate tubes.
  • EasyPREP TitrEC for pH, EC, Turbidity and Alkalinity measurements all in one sample vessel.
EasyPREP sample handler For more information about registering for this event or to get more details on the SciMed range of Environmental Analysers solutions please CLICK HERE or contact us by either calling on  +44 (0) 161 442 9963, sending an email to or completing our enquiry form.  

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