Double Webinar: Sample digestion by microwave and analysis of difficult matrices by AAS and ICP (OES and MS)

Thursday 29th April 2021

A new dawn has risen in the world of microwave digestion with the MultiView from SCP Science: this is the most versatile and flexible microwave digestor. Combined with the optional capability of running batches of 120 samples.

Combined with the superior capabilities of the Atomic Spectroscopy range from Analytik Jena ( from AAS to ICP-MS via ICP-OES), the modern day analytical chemist has some exciting new capabilities to upgrade a future looking laboratory.

There will be two webinars:

13:30 -14:30 Webinar one:Acid Digestion an Advanced Microwave digestion Introducing the MultiView from SCP SCIENCE

14:45-15:30 Webinar two: Dealing with, and overcoming, difficult elemental analyses using the latest Atomic Spectroscopy Solutions

Abstract for Digestion talk: Art Ross from SCP Sciences will present a discussion on the differences and benefits of Microwave digestions versus heated block digestion. The talk will include a comparison of data and sample throughput from samples containing hydrocarbons.

Included is also an in depth presentation of the Multiview automated microwave digestion system by SCP SCIENCE. The MultiVIEW offers a unique approach to microwave digestion in that it contains 12 independent microwave channels and 12 independent temperature sensors. This means that the MultiVIEW can simultaneously run 12 different samples with 12 different digestion methods. The presentation will show the flexibility of the MultiVIEW software to review digestion in real time – monitoring the actual temperature, programmed temperature and microwave power of each sample. Creation of methods and running samples automatically will be covered in the presentation.

This talk will be of interest for anyone who carries out acid digestion or who is using AA, ICP or XRF.

Abstract for elemental analysis talk:– Measuring metals at trace levels, sometimes below parts per billion, is a challenge for all laboratories. Good sample preparation is vital in this process but the very nature of the sample and the matrix can still present difficulties. In this presentation we will look at a range of analyses that would normally be considered difficult and explore how the Analytik Jena range of AA, ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments can help your lab get better, more accurate and more repeatable data.

The presenter will be Matt Allen,, and experienced atomic spectroscopist

Who should attend?

Laboratory Managers, Analytical Chemists, engineers, laboratory researchers, and anyone interested in finding out more about the characterisation and applications of phase change materials


What will be presented?

A combination of technical presentations as well as live demonstrations will allow the attendees to get  an ideal overview. This will be both for the Microwave Digestion, as well as the Spectroscopy webinar

Interested and thinking of attending?

The seminar will be held online. Each talk will be run as an individual webinar with a separate invitation.

To attend please fill out the registration form by clicking the link below, choose the topics you want to attend and an online invitation will be sent for each one. There will be a short break between each talk to allow a quick refill of your mug!