Redefining Atomic Absorption Capabilities with the ContrAA: a SciMed Knowledge Transfer Day

Continuous Source – Solid Sampling – 3D Data Analysis

on 16th June 2022 (new date!)


Atomic Absorption is recognised as a mature, but still essential, technology in the laboratory.

During this day we will introduce you to new developments in AAS, how we have the AAS for your application and how you can benefit as our existing users already are.


Agenda (starting at 10:00)


Welcome and registration at SciMed facilities in Stockport

 – AA introduction

  • Theory and background
  • Where are we today with current available technology
  • Types of AAS analyses
    • Benefits
    • Disadvantages
    • Comparison to other available techniques
High REsolution 3D optics on the ContrAA
High Resolution 3D spectra for the ContrAA

– AA – why is it still applicable today?

  • Key applications for AAS
  • Unique applications for AAS
Solid Sample Tray for NovAA AAS
Solid Sample Tray for the ContrAA  for direct solid analysis

– Analytik Jena AAS – what do we offer that is unique?

  • ContrAA – no hollow-cathode lamps needed!
  • SSA – Direct solid analysis
  • HydrEA – combine hydride generation with the power of furnace analysis
  • Molecular absorption spectroscopy – analyse elements normally not measured by AAS – halogens, for example
  • Extended concentration range through side pixel evaluation (post measurement), combined  with auto-dilution.
  • Scraper – allows unattended use for flame analysis
  • SFS – sample flow switch to handle the dirtiest of matrices

– Practical session

  • We will be demonstrating our unique 3D software as well as the some of the above features on our demo ContrAA 800D flame and furnace with direct solid sampling.
Xenon white source for multielement analysis using the ContrAA AAS
Xenon white source for multi element analysis using the ContrAA AAS

Final Q & A session and close (around 15:00) of Knowledge Transfer Course.