Webinar: The formulation of CBD products (and other botanical extracts) using Ultrasound and assessing their stability and key characteristic of particle size

The formulation of CBD products (and other botanical extracts) using Hielscher Ultrasound and assessing their stability and key characteristic of particle size using a Brookhaven Omni.


This Webinar will cover the following topics

Forming emulsions with CBD and formulation of products using Hielscher ultrasound technology

Drinks, gels, juices, sweets & candy or just good old oil under the tongue are all ways CBD has been marketed. The questions is, how do you go from the raw extract or isolate to dispersing this precious commodity into your product that will hopefully hit the shelves of shops across the country? The answer is Ultrasound Technology. This isn’t reinventing the wheel, simply turning a classic and well understood application of ultrasound to a new product – CBD oil and other botanical extracts. This is the cutting edge tool give you a bioavailability advantage, and a manufacturing advantage over the competition.

Analysis of CBD oil products to give insights into bioavailability

Following straight on from the formulation talk, I am going to use Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) to analyse the products we have made with ultrasound. Both oil dispersions and water emulsions are applicable and this can be a very useful, quick analysis to tell your product particle size (which speaks to its bioavailability of CBD) and zeta potential (which is a direct measurement of your product stability, i.e. shelf life).

 About the speaker:

Dr. Dan Clarke (SciMed Ltd)  holds a Master’s degree in medicinal chemistry and Ph.D in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Leeds and held a post-doctoral position at Eli Lilly & Co. pharmaceutical company before moving to SciMed in May 2008. SciMed began their partnership with Hielscher in 2009 and since then ultrasound has grown from a fascination and a R&D based side project to be Dan’s most important product on industrial scales. CBD extraction and emulsification is just the latest in a long line of successes between SciMed and Hielscher. Now analysis of CBD products using Dynamic light scattering offers the opportunity to analyse the products as well.

When will this take place?

This webinar will take place on Wednesday 30th March 2021 at 14:00 and will last 1h approx. It will be run via Microsoft Teams Live. It will be a combination of a technical presentation and a live demonstration

Who Should attend?

Scientists, engineers, and laboratory staff members who are involved in developing and testing formulations.

What will be presented?

  • Introduction of the testing principle
  • Compare the Infracal with existing methods
  • Demonstration of the test

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