Syrris appoint SciMed as their UK distributor for their range of Atlas Cal Reaction Calorimeter

SciMed is very proud to add the Atlas Cal range of reaction calorimeters from Syrris. This products complements SciMed’s existing portfolio of process safety evaluation analysers. Dr Adam Rucklidge, one of the directors at SciMed said ” adding the Atlas Cal to SciMed’s range of process safety and characterising tools makes us the only one stop shop that can supply a complete range of process safety evaluation instruments (DSC, Temperature/Pressure screening , adiabatic calorimeters and reaction calorimeters)”. In addition we can also offer a full range of contract testing in any of these areas as well as dust explosivity.

The Atlas Calorimeter is a user friendly, reaction calorimetry system . The Atlas HD calorimeter system can work in Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) or Power Compensation Calorimetry (PCC) mode, allowing the user to generate power and enthalpy graphs quickly and easily.


For more details about this exciting new product range, please either inquiry with us for a dedicated Product Specialist to contact you