Technoorg-Linda appoint SciMed as their UK and ROI distributor for their range of Ion Beam Mills and other Electron Microscopy tools

SciMed is pleased to have been chosen as UK and ROI distributor for the Technoor range of Ion Beam mills and polishers.

Techno Technoorg Linda Co. Ltd. is based in Budapest, Hungary since 1990. From the beginning TL’s main tasks are researching new methods and instruments what run jointly by its own R&D team and researchers of selected university and academic institution members. The company is fully committed to serve the electron microscopy community with its developments.

Ion Beam Mills for Scanning Electron Microscope users: SEM PREP 2

SEMP PREP 2 Ion Beam milling for SEM users and for EBSD sample preparation analysis

A state-of-the-art ion milling system that meets the highest demands. Multifunctional device for slope cutting and damage-free surface polishing, ideally suited for SEM and EBSD users.

Ion Beam Mills for Transmission Electron Microscope users: Gentle Mill

The Gentle Mill is a purpose built model with unique design for end-polishing pre-prepared TEM and/or FIB samples. The patented low-energy ion source and the special sample holder help to reach the ultimate quality for any type of samples