The Multi N/C 2100 S Pharma TN analyser wins the coveted 2020 Pharma Innovation award.

csm multiNC

Industry magazine “Pharma Manufacturing” awarded the Multi N/C 2100 S Pharma analyser from Analytik Jena with the 2020 Pharma Innovation Award in the “Monitoring and Analytical Devices” category

Vaccine Quality Control

In pharmaceutical vaccine production the starting, intermediate and finished products all need to be controlled for the levels of antigens. The total protein analysis in the production of vaccines by determination of the total nitrogen content according to e.g. USP 1057> Method 7.2, enables the quantification of these antigens.

The Analytik Jena Multi N/C 2100 S Pharma TN analyser is the only analyser specifically designed for protein determination in vaccine quality control; designed with catalytic high-temperature combustion and chemiluminescence (CLD) detection for efficient protein analysis in vaccine production, or TN cleaning validation, with minimal sample consumption and a high degree of automation.

  • No sample carry-over due to its unique septum-free direct-injection.
  • Minimum sample consumption with a typical injection volume of between 50 – 200 μl.
  • Savings on costs for expensive products e.g. in vaccine quality control.
  • Large working range from 0 – 200 ppm Total Nitrogen.
  • High degree of automation for large sample sequences (up to 112 sample positions for 2ml HPLC vials).
  • Unattended 24/7 operation thanks to self-check system.
  • File Protection for full data integrity and 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

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