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Available till 22nd December 2023

Get discounts on our TOC portfolio

Get a discount of up to 25% on your new multi N/C instrument purchase.

Utilizing the multi N/C allows for efficient measurement of parameters such as TOC, NPOC, DOC, TC, TIC, and TNb without the need for system alterations, ensuring they meet global standards.

Efficiently measure parameters like:

  • TC, TIC, TOC, POC, NPOC, TNb, even in complex sample types.
  • Adheres to standards like EN 1484, EN 12260, EN 15936, ISO 20236.
  • Prioritizes user safety during operations.
  • Exceptional detection precision and consistent performance over time.

Whether your focus is on environmental or pharmaceutical analysis, enjoy up to a 25% discount on a TOC package, which includes a multi N/C instrument, along with supplementary tools such as autosamplers and consumable sets.

Select the package that suits your needs and reach out to the SciMed team. 

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Multi N/C 2100 S Package

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Multi N/C pharma UV

Pharma Bundle 1

Get a 25% discount on our
Multi N/C pharma UV

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