US Army Chooses Progeny ResQ Analyser for Its Tech Refresh Program

Rigaku Analytical Devices is a leading pioneer of spectroscopic analysers. The US firm based in Wilmington, Massachusetts has recently announced that its Progeny ResQ handheld analyser will be deployed globally for chemical identification as part of the US Army’s updated Dismounted Reconnaissance Sets, Kits and Outfits (DRSKO) program.

The DRSKO program deploys service kits containing Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) gear and detection equipment to Department of Defence (DoD) locations around the world. The kit makes it possible to conduct site assessments and gather intelligence on the presence of any hazardous chemicals. The Progeny ResQ went through extensive testing over a period of two and a half years before it was finally approved to be added to the DRSKO kit.

The handheld analyser is built with a comprehensive chemical detection range that allows emergency responses and law enforcement agencies to quickly:

  • Detect explosive threats even while wearing protective gear
  • Classify suspicious hazardous materials that pose a safety hazard
  • Identify a range of narcotics and illegal drugs

The Progeny ResQ is able to detect approximately 13,000 chemicals and compounds that could pose serious risks to anyone exposed to them. Orders began earlier this year in January and the US army plans to add them to hundreds of service kits around the world soon. No modifications were made before the Army chose to add it to the program.


The Progeny ResQ is an excellent tool for on-site chemical identification in hazardous environments. Previous generations took a lengthy time to process, but the ResQ analyser is able to quickly deliver results in seconds, which makes them especially valuable in the field when each second counts. It’s also able to see through coloured containers and even coloured plastic bags, making it possible for personnel to quickly identify what a substance is without having to open the container.

If an individual is contaminated with an unknown material, it needs to be identified as quickly as possible to get the right medical treatment. The Progeny ResQ is able to get results within seconds, so that information can be relayed immediately to hospital. It’s also capable of taking photos for use as evidentiary samples.

Hazmat suits are a piece of protective equipment designed to protect the wearer against hazardous materials such as chemicals or biological agents. The suit is frequently combined with a self-contained breathing apparatus to provide a supply of breathable air even in harsh conditions. The gloves are one of the most important pieces of the suit as it allows wearers to handle materials without risk of direct contact. The Progeny ResQ is built with large keypad buttons that can easily be operated with quick presses even if the wearer has double or triple gloves on.

Rigaku originally developed its products for pharmaceutical companies but many of its products, including the Progeny ResQ, have since been adopted across a number of safety and security agencies. If you are looking to purchase a Progeny ResQ for commercial purposes, call SciMed on 0161 442 9963 to speak to one of our product specialists.