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About SciMed

The Story of SciMed.


The Story of SciMed

Founded in 1979, SciMed has grown from a regional distributor to a key player in scientific and medical supplies, continuously expanding its portfolio and team.

A 2022 restructuring bolstered its after-sales support, emphasising its commitment to direct customer service.


SciMed: A Legacy of Excellence in Scientific Instrumentation Since 1979

Since 1979, SciMed has been a cornerstone in supplying scientific instrumentation across the UK and Ireland, steadfast in our philosophy of combining global brands with local support.

Our reputation as a leading provider stems from our unwavering commitment to quality, expertise, and personalised service, ensuring that our clients have access to the best in the industry.

In the 1980s, the number of represented manufacturers increased and this growth necessitated an expansion of staff numbers – both Product Specialists and administrative staff. During this time, John Booth joined the company and SciMed began to represent companies such as Sherwood Scientific, Cecil Instruments, Cahn and Surface Measurement Systems, some of which included significant collaborations in product development.


SciMed's Growth and Innovation Through the 1990s

The 1990s saw SciMed grow even more with the innovation of new products from many of its existing suppliers, as well as taking on distributorships for Thar & Gamry Instruments.

This decade also saw our first venture into the XRF field as exclusive distributor for Asoma (later to become Spectro/Asoma).

As the years have gone by our portfolio of products continue to grow through companies such as Rigaku and Analytik Jena, Setaram just to name a few.

The SciMed team has grown year on year in line with the expansion with the product range.


Restructuring for Optimal Service and Efficiency at SciMed in 2022

In 2022, a restructure took place whereby the team of aftersales engineers and specialists were grouped into an after-sales service department under the responsibility of the responsible director.

The back-office team has grown in line with the product expansion. This team now includes dedicated people for sales order processing, accounts, stores, and service administration.

SciMed prides itself in offering direct human interaction with the employee who has the answer to any query, be it sales, service application, finance or general support.


New Management Team

Paul Vanden Branden joined SciMed as a Product Manager in 2004, with Dr. Adam Rucklidge joining 18 months later. In 2008 they both joined John Booth on the board of Directors to lead the company, ensuring that SciMed will continue to maintain its excellent product portfolio, with high levels of customer service, for another 30 years.

John Booth

John Booth

Company Director

Responsible for Electro Chemistry range

Adam Rucklidge - Company Director

Adam Rucklidge

Company Director

Responsible for the High Pressure and Process Chemistry range

Paul Vanden Branden

Paul Vanden Branden

Company Director

Responsible for X-Ray, Elemental Analysis and Powder flow products

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