Total Organic Carbon – Total Nitrogen (liquid TOC, TC, TIC, NPOC, POC and TNb)

For sum parameter analysis we offer complete solutions for your laboratory. Whether routine analysis of moderate sample quantities or high throughput analysis, Analytik Jena have a solution. In addition to the systems of the multi N/C series for powerful TOC/TNb determination in environmental monitoring and the pharmaceutical industry and the multi X 2500 for AOX/TOX analysis, the multi EA systems also enable the determination of TOC. An complete range of options and accessories allows the customisation of the instruments to your exact laboratory requirements.

Multi N/C® Total Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Analyzers

The Multi N/C® range of TOC and TNb analyzers from Analytik Jena deliver robust, high performance results on an easy to use, low maintenance platform. Technology Highlights • Industry leading, high performance TOC for all applications. • No kits required for difficult high saline samples making the system easy to use. • Direct injection variable volume autosampler injects only the amount of sample required. Inject small volumes for concentrated samples or complex matrices or large volumes for enhanced sensitivity. • 10 year NDIR detector warranty • Sensitivity down to 2ppb, upper range of 30,000ppm without dilution. • Automatic sample preparation,…