Ultrasonic Processing

Hielscher Ultrasonic’s ultrasound technology, often simply called ‘ultrasonic probes’ or ‘ultrasonics’, can be loosely split into three categories: laboratory, scale-up and industrial devices.

The laboratory devices range from small handheld systems for the mixing, homogenising and dispersion of small volumes of liquids or solids into liquids.
The scale-up systems are benchtop size and sit comfortably inside a standard fume hood. They are ideal for process optimisation on a scale-up/pilot plant scale and can be used additionally for deagglomeration, and particle grinding and milling.

The larger scale industrial production devices can process a flow of up to 1000s of litres per hour.

The Hielscher Range

SciMed offers the entire Hielscher range. The range can be split into two categories: • Laboratory devices • Industrial devices The Laboratory devices range from small handheld systems for mixing…

Ultrasonic Homogenizers

Ultrasonic output power is a key factor for process scale-up. In order to process larger volumes in a given amount of time, you need to deploy more power. The power…