Supercritical CO2 Processes

SciMed is the leading provider of components and turnkey systems for supercritical and other high pressure CO2 applications. SciMed can provide solutions from the smallest scale (10ml) up to the production scale (250-500 litres), making it a unique provider in the British and Irish market place.

SciMed exclusively represents the worlds leading Supercritical CO2 company:, Core Separations ( connected with Thar Technologies which was taken over by Waters).
Core Separations specialises in laboratory scale systems from 1ml to full scale production solutions. It also provides specialised laboratory scale solutions as well as toll processing and proof of concept work.

SciMed can provide the following components which are purpose built for SC CO2 applications:
– High pressure pumps for both CO2 and co-solvents
– Manual and automated back pressure regulators
– Pressure vessels from 1ml to 500L (with or without windows)
– High pressure view cells
– High pressure reactors.

Lab Scale Systems

SciMed has over 20 years direct experience of Supercritical CO2 processes. Together with our partners, SciMed can offer a complete range of systems, often tailored to suit very specific and one-off design requirements, as well as simpler entry level solutions. All the systems provided by SciMed are modular and can therefore be modified with ease, as and when requirements change. SciMed has supplied numerous systems for all Supercritical CO2 applications including: Reactions in Supercritical CO2 SFE: Supercritical Extraction solutions for solids as well as counter column systems for continuous extraction of liquids Particle generation using CO2 as a solvent (RESS)…

Pilot and Production Scale Systems

For all systems above 10 litres in vessel volume, the products are classified as pilot scale or production scale. SciMed can provide bespoke solutions for such larger scale requirements. Our dedicated team can discuss your requirements factoring scale, throughput, space restrictions, ATEX, automation and many other aspects relevant to such larger scale projects. Scimed – An SFE Journey 2000-2020 Over the last 20 years Scimed has been providing SFE technology into a number of different industries. We have worked with some of the pioneering providers to offer customised solutions from Thar instruments later acquired by Waters in 2012 to Separex…

Supercritical CO2 Pumps

Waters’ high pressure pumps (P–Series) are ideal for high pressure, supercritical CO2 and pulseless flow applications. Waters offers three standard high pressure pumps with flow rates ranging from 50 g/min, 200 g/min, and 350 g/min. The pumps can be used in combination with other high pressure components. A unique grooved path is machined inside each pump head assembly for coolant circulation, which increases compression efficiency per piston stroke by removing the generated heat. The ability to control pressure or flow is enhanced by a rear–mounted brushless variable-speed high-torque motor. The high pressure pumps can be controlled using a hand–held display…

High Pressure CO2 Recycler

A recycling system can be used to recycle carbon dioxide after collection system (high pressure fraction collection vessel). This system consists of storage vessel with level sensor for carbon dioxide storage, level sensor module to display level, condensing heat exchanger, condensing cooling bath, and valves. The system also features pressure relief valve that can be piped to vent to relieve pressure in case of over-pressurization or overfill conditions. Fill conditions in a system are dictated by operating conditions. Based on display of level sensor module, user switches carbon dioxide supply to system from carbon dioxide source or to storage vessel…

High Pressure Automated Back Pressure Regulator

The back pressure regulator consists of a motor–driven heated valve assembly controlled by a microcontroller. The heated valve assembly compensates for cooling that occurs during depressurization and eliminates plugging. The high–strength stainless steel needle and reinforced PEEK seat have a high resistance to erosion and allow stable pressure control over a wide pressure range. A built–in pressure sensor provides closed loop feedback for pressure control. The back pressure regulator can easily be programmed using a hand held controller for stand–alone operation, or by using an RS232 port with software for advanced control features. CO2 flow rate 0.5 g/min to 350…

High Pressure CO2 Components

SciMed offers a complete range a of components and accessories for use in Supercritical CO2 processes, rigs and systems, for those wanting to design their won solutions. The range includes high pressure pumps, vessels, view cells and reactors, heat exchangers, collection vessels, back pressure regulators ( manual and automatic) and many other items useful for the deign of a bespoke SC CO2 solution. Scimed – An SFE Journey 2000-2020 Over the last 20 years Scimed has been providing SFE technology into a number of different industries. We have worked with some of the pioneering providers to offer customised solutions from…