Rheometers can be used to assess the rheological properties of materials by applying a force (stress, strain or strain rate) and measuring the resultant deformation or flow.

A rheometer can be used to measure the viscous and elastic properties of liquids, suspensions, pastes and slurries for quality control, research and development and manufacturing purposes. Whereas viscometers are capable of measuring the viscosity at a single velocity, a rheometer can be used to measure:

Rheometers can test for the following properties:

• Yield stress
• Viscoelasticity
• Extensional viscosity
• Creep compliance
• Thixotropy
• Stress relaxation

Rheometers are suitable for a wide range of samples and applications. These include:

* Food and drink
* Polymers and plastics
* Paints and inks
* Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
* Building materials
* Petrochemicals

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HAAKE™ Viscotester™ iQ Rheometers

Available in both a ball bearing and air bearing models, the Thermo Haake Viscotester iQ rheometer is ideal for QC measurements. With a wide range of accessories and temperature control module options, the VTiQ is the smallest commercially available rheometer on the market. The VTiQ can be used stand-alone or with software to allow for both simple and more complex rheological characterisation of liquids, semi-solids and pastes. Industrial QC applications include: * Food * Polymers * Pharmaceuticals * Building materials * Cosmetics * Paints and inks Photo Gallery Video Gallery Introducing the HAAKE Viscotester iQ Rheometer HAAKE Viscotester- Prevent measuring…

HAAKE™ MARS™ Rheometers

The Thermo Haake Mars rheometer can be used for advanced R&D and quality control.  With wide-ranging applications and accessories, the Mars rheometer can be used for complex material characterisation. The modular system allows for the Thermo RheoScope (for micro-viewing) and Thermo Rheonaut (for FTIR analysis) to be integrated into rheological measurements. Applications of the Mars rheometer include: * Food* Paints and inks* Polymers* Pharmaceuticals* Cosmetics* Petrochemicals* Building materials Photo Gallery Video Gallery Performing UV curing measurments on the Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS 40/60 Rheometer How to perform a measurement with the RheoRaman System  Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS Rheometer Platform The…

HAAKE™ MARS™ iQ Rheometers

The Mars iQ rheometers are available with either a ball bearing or air bearing configuration, that can be used in conjunction with a wide range of accessories and temperature control modules. Ideal for testing liquids, slurries, polymers, semi-solids and suspensions, the Mars iQ rheometers can be used for research and quality control purposes. With a broad range of applications in both industry and education, the Mars iQ rheometers deliver fast, reliable results. Applications include: * Food* Paints and inks* Polymers* Cosmetics* Pharmaceuticals* Petrochemicals* DSR testing of asphalt and bitumen* Building materials Photo Gallery Video Gallery HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer Performing…