HAAKE™ MARS™ Rheometers

The Thermo Haake Mars rheometer can be used for advanced R&D and quality control. 

With wide-ranging applications and accessories, the Mars rheometer can be used for complex material characterisation.

The modular system allows for the Thermo RheoScope (for micro-viewing) and Thermo Rheonaut (for FTIR analysis) to be integrated into rheological measurements. Applications of the Mars rheometer include:

* Food
* Paints and inks
* Polymers
* Pharmaceuticals
* Cosmetics
* Petrochemicals
* Building materials

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery

Performing UV curing measurments on the Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS 40/60 Rheometer

How to perform a measurement with the RheoRaman System

 Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS Rheometer Platform

The HAAKE MARS rheometers and HAAKE RheoWin software for Quality Control Labs

Conducting a Viscosity Calibration in the Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoWin Software

Calibrating the Temperature in the Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoWin Software

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