Petroleum Testing

Koehler is a the world leading supplier of tester and analysers for the oil, gas, lubricants and grease industry. Having been directly involved in writting up many of the ASTM methods used world wide in refineries, blending plans, and other oil laboratories, Koehker offers the best technical solutions for a wide range of tests.

Salt in Crude

Salt content is determined by measuring the conductivity of a solution of crude oil in a polar solvent when subjected to an alternating electrical current and is obtained by comparison of the resulting conductance to a calibration curve of known salt mixtures. • Conforms to ASTM D3230 and IP 265 test specifications • GOST certified • Measures salt content, conductance, and temperature of crude oil samples, and pH measurements of aqueous samples. • Measures salts concentration in the range of 0 to 150 PTB (lb/1000 bbl). • Portable for field or laboratory testing with up to 8 hours of continuous…

Manual and Automatic Distillation

The sample is evaporated and condensed under controlled conditions, and observations are made of the temperatures at which various percentages are recovered and/or the percentages recovered at specific temperatures. Contact us now > Or call us now on 0161 442 9963 to speak to a Product Specialist. You can also visit the Koehler website for more product details by clicking their logo below:

Flash Point Testers

Flashpoint test for petroleum, fuel and chemicals. SciMed offers the complete range of flash point testers from Koehler Instruments. Flashpoint testing is conducted to industry practice, including ASTM and other test standards. Koehler flashpoint testers are available for petroleum, chemicals, fuels, consumer goods, and many other materials. Flashpoint tests: • Abel Flash Point test • Pensky-Martens Flash Point test • Tag Flash Point test • Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Test (COC) • Rapid Equilibrium Methods (RECC) • Rapid Equilibrium Flash, No-Flash Methods • Continuously Closed Cup Method (CCCF) These methods comply with the following methods: Flashpoint test methods: Pensky-Martens…