Environmental Analysers

Environmental analysers are essential for the accurate testing of water, air and soil. They can test for a number of key parameters which includes nitrogen and carbon analysis, dissolved oxygen, halogens, trace elements, chemical contamination and pH.

You can also use environmental analysers to test products or equipment to see if they will perform to expectation in real-world conditions.

Environmental analysers are specialist instruments for carrying out testing in major areas of environmental analysis:

• Physical analysis
• Chemical analysis
• Particulate monitoring.

What are the Key Applications of Environmental Analysers?

These specialist instruments cover a broad range of applications, including:

• Environmental testing
• Agriculture
• Field testing
• Public health and safety
• Process materials, such as petroleum.

There are an ever-increasing number of regulations coming into effect that require the use of environmental analysers.

How Do Environmental Analyser Instruments Work?

Environmental analyser instruments perform various functions, such as:

• Soil analysis
• Conductivity measurement
• pH reading
• Alkalinity and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) measurement
• Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) analysis
• Carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (cBOD) analysis
• Chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis
• Total organic carbon (TOC) and nitrogen (TNb) analysis.
• Halogen analysis

Accurate results you can rely on are important in the monitoring of water, air and soil. Advanced environmental analysers provide the means for achieving these results, rapidly and efficiently.

Scimed have a range of Environmental Analysers available to browse below. Please contact our Product Specialist for more information.



The TitrEC is a multi-parameter robotic platform that fully automates electrochemical measurements for large numbers of samples. Improved operational efficiency allows laboratories to take on new projects, improve throughput and re-allocate personnel to higher value tasks.   Alkalinity Measurement pH Measurement and Adjustment Conductivity Measurement ORP Measurement Chloride and Fluoride by ISE Measurement Turbidity Measurement Temperature Measurement   TitrEC key features: Up to 9 point calibration for pH, and 2 points for electrical conductivity. Auto washing station prevents sample cross-contamination. Barcoding capability provides automatic loading of sample and rack IDs. User friendly, LIMS compatible software. Accommodates up to 47 x…



The EasyPREP BOD-200 and EasyPREP  BOD-300 offer the capability to conduct dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement for the calculation of BOD and cBOD analysis. Analyzing cBOD in conjunction with BOD verifies if non-compliant BOD results are due to nitrification and obtains results more reflective of real effluent quality when under nitrifying conditions. The BOD-200 and BOD-300 can be fitted with an Optical or a Membrane Probe. The Optical Probe requires no membrane maintenance or electrolyte re-filling and is characterized by its stable response and minimal drift. The BOD-300 also automates capping and decapping of BOD bottles. Full Process Automation provides unattended…

EasyPREP COD 200


The EasyPREP COD-200 automates the mixing, heating, cooling and analysis of COD samples. COD tubes are placed in a digestion block for sample digestion, followed by shaking and cooling. They are transferred to the spectrophotometer where the samples are analyzed. Results and calculations are displayed in real-time. The COD-200 also offers turbidity detection. In turbid samples, light scattered from solid particles may interfere with the sample’s measured absorbance. In COD analysis, the presence of turbidity can cause deviations of up to 30% from the real sample value. This capability allows the end user to confidently analyze samples knowing that the…

EasyPREP soil analyser

EasyPREP Soil Analyser

The EasyPREP Soil Analyzer is a Robotic system for the automated determination of pH and conductivity measurements in a variety of vessels.   Completes tedious environmental testing for uninterrupted operation. Up to 3 point pH calibration and 2 point EC calibration. Analyze and mix up to 4 samples simultaneously. System has one temperature measuring probe for each set of up to 4 pH/Conductivity probes. Dual pumps for each pH electrode, one for each reagent. System built to work in a corrosive environment. Housing and components are acid resistant. Stepper motor peristaltic pump with better than 0.5% accuracy in delivery at…

EasyPREP sample handler

EasyPREP Sample Handler

EasyPREP Sample Handler is designed for high precision reagent additions, sample dilutions, sample aliquoting, automated pipetting and other applications. The system dispenses sample volumes from 5 µl to 100ml from up to 7 reagents. EasyPREP Sample Handler comes with a PC Controller which offers intuitive method development software that is easy to configure to your sample needs.   The EasyPREP system has been optimised against acid corrosion by the introduction of a number of innovative design features.   Minimal number of metal components. Acid resistant Kydex and solid surfacing material for the staging table. Electrical components are non-vapor penetrating (switches,…

Multi X2500 AOX -TOX Analyser

The Multi X 2500 analyser is the highest performing AOX analyser available and can be extended to EOX, POX, TOX, TX, TC, TIC and TOC applications.   Find out all you need to know about the principles of AOX analysis by visiting our dedicated page (CLICK HERE)   There are a number of AOX/TOX regulations in force, for example, DIN ISO 9652, EPA 1650 for AOX in water and wastewater, and EPA 9020B for TOX in wastewater. Whatever your sample, whatever your halogen – we can analyse it. The complete solution for environmental monitoring The determination of organic halogens which…

Multi N/C® Total Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Analyzers

The Multi N/C® range of TOC and TNb analyzers from Analytik Jena deliver robust, high performance results on an easy to use, low maintenance platform. Technology Highlights • Industry leading, high performance TOC for all applications. • No kits required for difficult high saline samples making the system easy to use. • Direct injection variable volume autosampler injects only the amount of sample required. Inject small volumes for concentrated samples or complex matrices or large volumes for enhanced sensitivity. • 10 year NDIR detector warranty • Sensitivity down to 2ppb, upper range of 30,000ppm without dilution. • Automatic sample preparation,…