Powder Flow Testing

The Shear Testers is designed to provide reliable and accurate Powder Flowability data. All tests are based on the Jenike principles for flow which are the only non empirical approach. A complete range of testers is available for both small volume and fine powers to large scale coarser materials.

PFT Powder Flow Tester

The PFT Powder Flow Tester delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behaviour in industrial processing equipment. It is ideal for manufacturers who process powders daily and want to minimise or eliminate downtime and expense that can occur when hoppers discharge erratically or fail to discharge altogether. The following parameters may be determined. Bulk Density (Fill and Final) Wall Friction Flow Index Arching Dimensions Rat-hole Diameter Hopper Half Angle Gravity Chute Angle Compressibility (Carr) Index Compressibility (Hausner) Ratio FEATURES AND BENEFITS Compact design – easily fits on a workbench Easy to use and intuitive Powder Flow Pro software included…