Ring Shear Tester-XS

The Ring Shear Tester RST-XS.s is compact and bench-mounted. It is designed for applications with powders of up to particle size 1.5 mm.

This RST is particularly well-suited for small sample volumes.

The RST-XS is an easy-to-operate, computer-controlled tester for the precise determination of the flow properties of fine-grained powders and bulk solids. It is appropriate for those industries and research institutions which deal with either fine-grained materials or have only limited amounts of powders for testing (e.g. pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries and others).

The tester measures the flowability and other physical quantities like the internal friction of a powder, the bulk density, the time consolidation (caking), and wall friction. It is typically used for product characterisation, quality control, comparative tests, process optimisation and more.

New cell for very small volume (standard cell uses about 30 ml) approx. 3,5 ml with new shear cell XS-SV3.








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