The Rigaku NEX CG using the RPF-SQX Fundamental Parameters method yields excellent performance for the elemental analysis of various animal feed products. The use of RPF-SQX fundamental parameters eliminates the need for calibration standards. If desired, FP quantification can be optimized with Matching Libraries based on one or more assayed samples of the particular material type. These features make the NEX CG an ideal EDXRF tool for the elemental identification and characterization of animal feeds, raw meals and premixes throughout the animal feed industry to ensure proper nutrient balance and to screen for the presence of toxic elements. For less demanding applications within the animal feed industry, such as for daily quality screening of major elements in production QC processes, the NEX QC series of direct excitation analyzers also can also be employed. These systems offer a smaller footprint and lower cost that is ideal for use at the production line.

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