Analysis of silicone coating on paper, clay coated paper and plastic

Paper and plastic are coated with a thin layer of silicone as a release coating in the manufacture of labels, tape or other adhesives, or as a barrier coating for protection against air in the packaging of food, medical products and other materials. In a clay coated paper the clay coating adds weight and adjusts various physical properties, such as paper glossiness and ink retention. During the coating process the amount of silicone coating, usually expressed as coat weight in g/m2 or lbs/ream, must be periodically measured in order to ensure the proper physical properties of the product. When coating is too heavy silicone material is needlessly wasted, while too little coating may not meet the product spec. In order to achieve reliable QA/QC, Rigaku offers the NEX QC+ EDXRF analyzer. Simple to operate, the NEX QC+ gives the QC technician an ideal tool for quickly checking silicone coat weight in order to maintain the highest product quality with minimal costs. The typical results detailed here show exceptional performance for the fast and simple measurement of silicone coat weight on paper and plastic in air atmosphere without the need for helium purge. Rigaku’s clay correction automatically adjusts silicone coat weight measurement based on the clay coat and clay composition of each particular sample being measured. The Rigaku NEX QC+ is an excellent tool along the quality control process in producing coated product, giving the production process an affordable means of optimizing quality while minimizing costs and helping to minimize product rejection and waste.

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