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Food for Thought!

Dive into the science of taste and texture with SciMed.

Available till May 31st 2024

Enhance your
Food Analysis

“Food for Thought!” Dive into the science of taste and texture with SciMed’s latest offerings and elevate your food analysis with the precision of the Thermo Haake VT3 Viscometer and the accuracy of the Sherwood Chloride Analyser.

These instruments are designed to refine your quality assessments and enhance your laboratory’s capabilities.

Discover the special offers and take advantage of the limited-time promotions before May 31st, 2024. Perfect your culinary research and ensure excellence in every bite.

Conduct viscosity assessments effortlessly using the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester 3

The Thermo Haake VT3 rotational viscometer

The Thermo Haake VT3 rotational viscometer provides reliable, user-friendly viscosity measurements. Available for high and low viscosity samples, the VT3 offers a practical solution in the palm of your hand.

Verify your VT3 using the viscosity standards included in this special offer to ensure accurate sample measurements.

Order a VT3 before May 31st 2024 to receive:

A set of test fluids including:

  • E7
  • E200
  • E6000

Free of Charge!

The Sherwood Scientific Chloride Analyzer Buffer ensures exceptional performance and accuracy.

The Sherwood Chloride Analyser

The Sherwood Chloride Analyser is ergonomically designed for ease of use and maintenance.

The Sherwood Chloride Analyser gives outstanding sensitivity and selectivity when coupled with the Sherwood Scientific Chloride Analyser Buffers which are specifically designed for the Model 926 and 926S.

M926 Chloride Analayser: Each Analyser includes: 1 each of: Chloride Standard, Silver Electrode polish, Combined Acid Buffer, Silver Electrodes (pack of 3), Silver Anodes (pack of 3), USB A to USB B cable, Computer lead, 2 x Sample Beaker. 

Order an M926 Chloride Analyser before May 31st 2024 to receive the additional items:

  • 1 x Chloride Standard,
  • 1 x Silver Electrode polish
  • 6 x Combined Acid Buffer,
  • 1 x Silver Electrodes (pack of 3),
  • 1 x Silver Anodes (pack of 3),
  • 1 x Sample Beaker

Free of Charge!

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