Tag: Calorific Value

Calorific value determination for academic teaching purposes

Thermodynmaics, reaction kinetics, heat of disolution and other principles can all be demonstrated with Parr calorimeters. From secondry school to PhD level research calorimeters are invaluable for these principles.

Calorific value determination of animal feed, nutrition and dietetics

Anything that is meant for consumption has a calrofic value associated with it. Whether that is for you beloved pet, for you own dietry requiremtns or high end nutritional research and needs, all food for consumption must have an energy or, calorie value associated with it. Parr calorimeters determin this calorific value

Calorific value determination of building materials and other fire safety testing

It’s a key safety and legal requirement to deterin the calorific value / energy content of any materials used in the construction and buildng industry. When the worst happens and a building catches fire, companies want to minimise the ferocity that the materials burn with. Parr calorimeters are used for testing new building materials to be used in future construction and also the content of waste material after demolition. This is the key criteria for the fire safety testing industry.

Calorific value determination of coal, coke and oil sources for power generation.

Calorific value determination of coal, coke and oil sources for power generation. Any powerstation that is burning coal, coke, oil, or SRD and RDF must know it’s energy value for deterining power generation. Parr calorimeters are a crucial tool for every day use for the analysis labs associated with power generation.

Calorific value determination of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) & Solid Recovered Fuel (SRD)

Calorimeters are a crucial tool in the manufacture and burning of RDF and SRF fuel. The total energy content of the fuel is key to its value and power generation abilities when burned and the Parr range of calorimeters can determine this CV

Calorific value determination of solvents and other wastes.

Calorimeters are a crucial tool in the analysing the energy content contained in waste solvent and other waste like buildng mateirals and municiple waste. The total energy content can be determined by the Parr range of calorimeters.