Tag: Crystallinity - In Situ

Observation of phase transition of pharmaceuticals by XRD-DSC simultaneous measurement under temperature and humidity atmosphere

The crystal systems of pharmaceuticals and foods may change due to factors such as temperature and humidity. The
climate of Japan in particular exhibits extreme changes in temperature and humidity, with hot and humid summers, and dry, low-temperature winters, and these are poor conditions as an environment for synthesizing pharmaceuticals or storing foods. Therefore, there is a need to conduct measurement beforehand under various atmospheric conditions, and determine what sort of changes these materials undergo in the actual environment. Thus we evaluated thermal changes and changes in the crystal structure of pharmaceuticals by simultaneously measuring X-ray diffraction (XRD) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) while varying humidity.

Observation of a phase transition at high temperature under various atmospheres

In order to develop new materials that have desired properties, it is essential to evaluate the materials under
various atmospheric environments. The infrared heating high-temperature attachment Reactor X has a
corrosion-resistant sample chamber separated from the heater section, so it can be used to perform
high-temperature XRD measurements under various atmospheres, such as hydrogen, ammonia, high
humidity and so forth. Using Reactor X with a 2D detector capable of high-speed XRD measurement, it is
possible to investigate in detail rapid phase transitions under heating in various atmospheres.