Chloride Analyser

For analysis of chloride in food and clinical samples for salt content and Cystic Fibrosis.

Sherwood 926 Chloride Analyser

The Sherwood Model 926 Chloride Analyser is used for the determination of Chloride Ions (Cl-)  in both human and animal food products, agriculture, cement, gypsum and the pharmaceutical and water industries. Sample preparation is minimal for most products with running costs of approximately £0.20/test. The Sherwood Model 926S is used in clinical laboratories, generally for sweat test analysis on infants. It is calibrated at 100mmol/L. Sample size for this application is user selectable at 20ul or 100ul. Contact us now > Or call us now on 0161 442 9963 to speak to a Product Specialist. You can also visit the…