Bowman XRF – P Series

The P series XRF is a flexible analyser capable of measuring a wide variety of sample sizes, shapes, and quantities. It includes high precision programmable X-Y stage . Operators can use the mouse and software interface to move to desired measurement locations easily. Multi-point programs can be created to automatically measure multiple sample locations with the click of a button. Pinpoint control is achievable for testing critical areas on parts. Multi-point programming is available for high throughput requirements. The standard configuration includes a 4-position multiple collimator assembly, and a variable focus camera allowing for measurement in recessed areas. Collimators and focal distances can be customized for particular application requirements. The solid-state PIN detector is included along with our long-life micro-focus x-ray tube. The high performance SDD detector is an optional upgrade.

The main applications for the P-series Bowman XRF are:
• Electroless gold plating
• Electrolytic Nickel Gold
• Printed circuit boards ( Gold on Nickel on Cupper plating)
• Connector industries
• HASL / HASL lead-free
• Silver coatings
• Solder Alloys
• Tin plating

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