HKV3000 High Temperature Bath with Integrated Digital Timing

The HKV3000 is a high temperature bath with advanced temperature control and integrated timing features for convenient, accurate glass capillary viscometry determinations. 

The system includes seven integrated digital timers for timing and monitoring of the efflux interval for each viscometer. All timing functions are displayed in 0.01 or 0.1 second resolution and are accurate within 0.01%. A dual digital display allows for both the setpoint and actual bath temperature to be displayed.

Safety features include a low fluid level and over temperature cut off. A motorised stirrer provides complete circulation without turbulence. Connection of the built-in cooling coil to tap water or a recirculating water chiller facilitates temperature control at ambient or below ambient temperatures.

  • Conforms to ASTM D445, D2170, D6074, D6158; IP 71, 319; ISO 3104; DIN 51550; FTM 791-305; NF T 60-100
  • Accommodates 7 glass capillary viscometers of various types
  • Integrated digital timers
  • Temperature Control Range: ambient to 232°C (450°F); sub-ambient to 10°C with external cooling

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