Multi-Vessel Set-ups

Multi-vessel set-ups can vary between a bank of reactors mounted on the same plate, up to complex multi-stage reactor designs. If you have a complicated process that requires multiple stages at different temperatures or pressures, then let us help you make it a reality.


Will it go to the temperature and pressure that I need?

Multi-Vessel Set-ups can include any of the vessels offered by Parr, so there will be something for every application.

Does it come in my size?
You tell us exactly what you need, and we will build it.

What do I get?
Multi-reactor set-ups come as standard as a package complete with:

  • Vessels
  • Stand
  • Controller
  • Spares kit

Is there any training and support available after I buy one?

All Stirred Parr reactors bought through SciMed Ltd come with a complimentary installation and training service, conducted by a supplier trained engineer. You will also have access to spare parts and advice by contacting your local SciMed Ltd product manager, or by calling the office or filling in an online enquiry form.

You can also visit the Parr website for more product details by clicking on their logo below:

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