PlasmaQuant PQMS ICP-MS from Analytik Jena

Analytik Jena is recognised as being a global leader in analytical instrumentation. From its early days as part of the Carl Zeiss group up to the present day it has a reputation for developing new, innovative and exciting analytical instrumentation.

The PQMS range of instruments has evolved into four bespoke ICP-MS systems which have each been designed to ensure optimum performance in your laboratory; whether it’s cutting-edge research, high-throughput routine analysis or high-matrix samples we can provide the best solution for your needs.

The Plasma Quant offers the following Key Features:

  1. Smallest footprint, ideal when bench space is at a premium
  2. Lowest running costs (Including 50% argon use compared to all other ICP-MS)
  3. Fighest sensitivity ( up to 10 times more sensitive than equivalent ICP-MS)
  4. Fastest Analysis time

Do not buy until you have bench marked your choice against the PQ-MS from Analytik Jena.

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About the PQ-MS

The Plasma Quant MS range from Analytik Jena is the perfect ICP-MS for any laboratory; it provides unparalleled sensitivity and speed, has the lowest running costs of any ICP-MS, has the smallest footprint and can handle any sample matrix utilising the built-in aerosol dilution.

The ASpect MS software features a range of automated options, including a customizable setup and initialization routine, plasma alignment, mass calibration and resolution tests. Automatic optimization of ion optics simplifies method development and includes a selection of optimization routines for different application requirements.

Further accessories are available for HPLC-speciation, single-particle analysis and laser ablation measurements.

SciMed have fully certified Analytik Jena service engineers and we offer full sales, service and technical support across the Analytik Jena range.


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  • The Plasma Quant MS range from Analytik Jena is the perfect ICP-MS for any laboratory.
  • Eco Plasma: The specially developed plasma uses less than 12 l/min total argon gas with exceptional matrix tolerance, low oxide formation, and low formation of doubly charged ions. Power from 300 to 1600 W guarantees optimum plasma conditions. Half the running costs of any ICP-MS.
  • iCRC Interference Removal: Effective elimination of spectral interferences using either He in KED mode or H2 in Reaction mode. Incredibly fast switching between modes.
  • ReflexION sensitivity: a patented ion optics system with true 90° reflection and 3D-controlled focusing of the ion beam ensures market-leading sensitivity and detection limits, and without compromising precision and reproducibility.
  • ADD10 : Unique All Digital Detection system provides 11 orders of analytical range (0.1-1010 cps). Exceptional multi element analysis from ultra-trace to major levels in a single measurement. Eliminates the need for regular and inaccurate cross-calibrations associated with inferior digital-analogue detectors.

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