PlasmaQuant PQMS ICP-MS from Analytik Jena

Analytik Jena is recognised as being a global leader in analytical instrumentation. From its early days as part of the Carl Zeiss group up to the present day it has a reputation for developing new, innovative and exciting analytical instrumentation.

The PQMS range of instruments has evolved into four bespoke ICP-MS systems which have each been designed to ensure optimum performance in your laboratory; whether it’s cutting-edge research, high-throughput routine analysis or high-matrix samples, we can provide the best solution for your needs.

The PlasmaQuant offers the following key features:

  1. Lowest argon use compared to all other ICP-MS
  2. Highest sensitivity (up to 10 times more sensitive than equivalent ICP-MS)
  3. Fastest analysis time
  4. Fastest switching between interference gas removal modes (2s contrasted with average of 30s on other ICP-MS)

When considering ICP-MS, benchmark your choice against the PQ-MS from Analytik Jena. Contact us for the evidence sheet covering the four points above.

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About the PlasmaQuant-MS

The PlasmaQuant MS range from Analytik Jena is the perfect ICP-MS for any laboratory; it provides unparalleled sensitivity and speed, has the lowest running costs of any ICP-MS, has the smallest footprint and can handle any sample matrix utilising the built-in aerosol dilution.

The ASpect MS software features a range of automated options, including a customizable setup and initialization routine, plasma alignment, mass calibration and resolution tests. Automatic optimization of ion optics simplifies method development and includes a selection of optimization routines for different application requirements.

Further accessories are available for HPLC-speciation, single-particle analysis and laser ablation measurements.

SciMed have fully certified Analytik Jena service engineers and we offer full sales, service and technical support across the Analytik Jena range.

Save on argon consumption:

The PQ-MS will save thousands of pounds in argon consumption per annum. A comparative study has shown the following:

PQ-MS = 11.5 L/min,

Other ICP-MS n1 = 18L/min,

Other ICP-MS n2 = 20L/min

Other ICP-MS = 16-24L/min

The table below shows the monthly costs of argon at a major laboratory using another brand of ICP-MS:

This leads to the following savings over a 3 year period based on a 50% and 25% saving on argon costs:


Current ICP-MS costsSavings using PQ-MS assuming 50% lower consumptionSavings using PQ-MS assuming 25% lower consumption


PlasmaQuant Sensitivity and Measurement Rate:

The Analytik Jena boasts a sensitivity of 1500 Mcps/ppm <2% CeO, this contrasts with other models which show:

Other ICP-MS n1 = 100 Mcps/ppm <2% CeO

Other ICP-MS n2  = 1000 Mcps/ppm <2% CeO

This outstanding sensitivity combined with a high count rate as shown below makes it the most sensitive ICP-MS currently available without the added investment of a trip quad system.

PQ-MS = 20,000 measurements/s (50 µs minimum)

Other ICP-MS n1 = 100,000/s

Other ICP-MS n2 = 10,000/s

Other ICP-MS n3 = 10,000/s

This added level of performance is thanks to the unique ReflexION Ion Mirror used to separate the ion beam from photons, droplets and other particles.

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